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To keep our students, teachers, and staff safe and secure the Preschool has incurred additional unavoidable expenses not covered by tuition. The Board, faculty, and staff want families and students to feel safe, secure, and connected and to meet these goals we have:

  • Added new keyless entry locks on all doors leading to classrooms and offices.

  • Added safety film to all windows

  • Added software programs for better communication and payment options.

  • Added internet bandwidth

  • Increased the salaries of our security guards

  • Pay full and part-time staff a living wage

  • Added staff to Little Lions and our aftercare rooms.

  • Will add new doors and a man-trap at the main entrance at a cost of $12,000.


We know all of our families are also impacted by increased costs so we budget carefully and tuition increases are made with great thought and after careful research.


Please know the safety and happiness of your children are our primary goal. Contributions can be mailed to the school or emailed to Taylor Thornton at

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