Extra Curriculars


HappyFeet soccer classes are held weekly on Monday's or Tuesday's. The classes are for students ages 2 - 5. The classes help build confidence and stamina while including physical fitness and FUN!


Gymnastics classes are offered by Wings Gymnastics. Classes meet during the week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Wings has a full gym at Buntyn Presbyterian Church & Preschool. For more information on class times and prices, please visit  www.wingsgymnasticsmemphis.com. Wings also offers classes after school hours.  The gymnastics classes have an end-of-the-year program that is adorable to watch!


A little note from Ms. Annette, "We sing and we dance; we bounce and we twirl! We giggle and we laugh! We make music together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We explore and play all kinds of instruments like drums, bells, sticks, shakers, and move to music with different props such as scarves, streamers, balls, and parachutes!"

The study, practice, and discipline of making music gives the brain and body a complete workout. Activities are designed to encourage multi-sensory  learning, stimulating multiple areas of the brain. 

Speech Pathology

Nancy Massey, a licensed and registered speech and language pathologist, from Germantown Speech, Language, and Learning is available to Buntyn students on Mondays and Wednesdays, but other days may be arranged. Each student can be evaluated by Nancy at the start of the school year for a nominal fee. Students needing additional speech assistance may see Nancy on-premises during their Buntyn school day.



Behavioral Therapy

If you feel your child could benefit from behavioral therapy, please let the Director know.  We work very closely with several therapists in the Memphis area. Having them see your child during the school day is usually no problem at all.  Finding the right fit for your child and family is our priority.  

Upcoming Offerings:

Buntyn plans to offer additional extra-curricular activities.  Please express your interest.  


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