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Bunytn offers a PDO program for not quite 1 year olds, 1 year olds, and 2 year olds, which we have nicknamed "Begindergarten."  We feel it offers more than the typical PDO program and better prepares children for their preschool years.This program is available to children who are not quite 12 months old until eligible for Level One.  We maintain a maximum of 11 children in class led by two teachers.  An additional assistant often starts the year with the teachers to help children acclimate to the class schedule. Our PDO program is part of our license, which allows us to offer more than 2 days a week if desired.  This is another advantage when comparing our classes to other unlicensed Parents Day Out programs!

Baby Bears- PDO1


Baby Bears can be not quite a year old, but also include some 1 year olds.  

Doodle Bugs- PDO1 &
Little Lions- PDO1

Doodle Bugs & Little Lions are both at least a year old.

Bouncing Bunnies- PDO2

Bouncing Bunnies are 2 or turning 2 within the school year.

PreSchool Classes

Level One- 2K

Our Level One class is for children 3 years old or turning 3 within the school year. Often children in this class are 3 years old prior to February within the school year (turn 3 June through January) because Buntyn requires children are fully potty trained before starting school in August.  If you have questions or concerns with this policy, please do not hesitate to speak with our Director. There are two class options: a three-day program, which meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and a two-day program, which meets on Tuesday and Thursday. Both sections are taught by 2 teachers.  Families needing more days are accommodated on a space-available basis. 



Our Pre-Kindergarten is for children 4 years old or children turning 4 within the school year, prior to June 1st. Pre-K uses a wide range of teaching tools, including the “Letter People” curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears, which help children prepare a strong base for beginning to read & write. The children may either attend 5 days a week or 3 days a week.  PreK is led by one teacher. 


Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten is for children 5 years old or children turning 5 within the school year. Lessons are centered on developing early math skills, handwriting, reading readiness and early science. The class size is kept small to facilitate personalized attention. The class is led by one teacher. Children attend school 5 full-days or 5 half-days.

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